Please note that there will be a small increase in charges from the 1st May 2013, as shown below. Prices have remained static for 3 years now.

Your health is your greatest asset; treasure it and develop it.

Initial consultation, examination and first treatment

Adult Patients: £50
Paediatric Patients (under 18): £35

Follow up treatments:

Adult Patients: £35
Paediatric Patients (under 18): £25
Military: £28

Please note that different patients require different amounts of treatment. Your Doctor of Chiropractic will advise you if one of these options is suitable for your condition.

Cancellation (less than 4 hours): £10
Missed appointment: £15

We completely understand that emergencies occur and that there may be circumstances beyond your control that cause you to be unable to attend. Please make this known as soon as possible in order that someone else might be able to take the appointment.

X-ray/ Imaging

Tweed Chiropractic does not currently have the facility to take X-rays or any other form of diagnostic imaging. Our aim is always to work with your GP or other healthcare practitioner in order to best manage your healthcare needs.

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