The Chiropractic and Rehabilitative techniques that we use to help you
restore your health… naturally

We are a family practice and love working with patients from babies to the very old and everyone in between. This is why we employ gentle, holistic, vitalistic and natural approaches to ensure the optimal function of the human frame.

Cranial Chiropractic

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Cranial Chiropractic is predicated on the fact that the cranial vault is not an homogenous single bone but an intricate arrangement of 33 bones held together by the meningeal membranes of the internal cranial vault. Cranial Chiropractors work using very gentle adjustments to ensure that the functional relationship of these bones remains healthy.

Sacro Occipital Technic

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SOTAll our Doctor of Chiropractic are qualified SOT practitioners. This technique was established by the famous American Chiropractor Dr Major DeJarnette DO DC. DeJarnette was also the main researcher and developer of Cranial Chiropractic. SOT is predicated on the relationship between the pelvis and the cranium and that by re-establishing the functionality between the two, the spine is restored towards overall health. Characteristic of SOT are the wedged shaped blocks which the chiropractor inserts under the pelvic bones. By improving the function of the spine, chiropractors hypothesise that they help to restore neurological relationship between the brain, the spine and the body. With improved spinal function the overall health of the body is anticipated to improve. SOT is very gentle and insides protocols for the viscera and the extremities making it a total body health solution.

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

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Our Doctor of Chiropractic uses many different rehab techniques to rebuild the body when it has been injured. Primary focus is on Active Care including exercises, Myo-fascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Proprioceptive re-education, joint manipulation, core stability retraining, spinal stability and most importantly Chiropractic adjustments. At Tweed Chiropractic Clinic we do not use passive care such as Ultrasound although on the rare occasion that we feel that you need this form of treatment, as is our principle we will work in partnership with another health provider such as a physiotherapist.